You were born with a dream. The Universe is continuously conspiring to align with your desires. Do your dreams scare the shit out of you? REQUESTbar came to this planet to get you through that terrifying jump. To FLY is much simpler than we've been made to believe: All you have to do is REQUEST and you will receive. Let us show you...

Protein bars made to inspire

  • nutrition for the high.

    Request the best, receive the best. No gluten, sugar, dairy or BS.

  • vibes to level-up.

    Connecting you with bad-ass humans, creatives, artists, musicians & athletes. Our bars are intentionally infused with the vibes that inspire you to realize your dreams.

  • you are king.

    This is all for you. Your game, your dreams, your lifetime. Our content & creations are for ONE purpose: To serve your inner visionary. 

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